Android Spy Software Makes Monitoring A Breeze

Android Spy Software

Android Spy Software

There are situations where it may be necessary to monitor the communication and whereabouts of a person.

Back in the day, doing that kind of monitoring was costly, especially if a private investigator was hired.

Doing that kind of monitoring also required the kind of technology that was outside the reach of ordinary people.

Now, the availability of android spy software has really changed the landscape, both in terms of cost and ease of which one can monitor another person.

With this type of software, not only can you monitor a person’s activity on virtually any Android-based phone or tablet they use but essentially, you can monitor smart phones that use a variety of other operating systems.

What Can This Software Do?

The range of features that a top Android spy software has is simply mind blowing. Not only can allow you to track the time, dates and duration of the activities on a target phone, it also allows you to:

(a) Listen in on live calls

(b) Read text messages on the target phone

(c) Record the phone’s surroundings

(d) Track the phone user’s exact location

(e) and so much more!

Now get this; even if the text messages are deleted from the monitored smart phone, a top android spy software will still keep a record of all those messages for future viewing.

How Can You Monitor The Phone From Your End?

One of the great things about this spy software is that you can monitor phone activities in real time from any device that is connected to the internet.

One Android spy software that makes monitoring a breeze is Spybubble Pro. Once you install it on the target phone, you simply log on to the company website from anywhere worldwide via the net and see and hear live and recorded activities of the target phone.

Even if you don’t have access to an internet connection, you can still access some tracking information. Let us say for example that you’re tracking text messages on a smart phone but you don’t have an internet connection in order to access the information that is being tracked.

All you’d do is use a feature of Spybubble Pro called “Redirect Text Messages.” The system then would forward the monitored text messages to your non-internet connected cellphone and voila!

What Is Spybubble Pro?

It is an advanced cell spy software that allows you to monitor activities on a wide variety of mobile devices including Androids.

One of the unique features of Spybubble Pro is that the owner of the target phone is unable to detect that the software is installed on his phone. This means that as the person doing the monitoring, you can get a real picture of what is going on behind your back.

Now you might think that for such a powerful application, Spybubble must cost a lot. But you’d be pleased to know that it has a low yearly cost of $84.90 and $49.95 for the Pro and standard versions respectively.

Who Is Using This Spy Software?

People have used this application to monitor their employees, children and spouses.

Just think for a moment what you could learn about your kids if you installed the software on their smart phones.

You can track their exact location, find out about their social circles and see and hear exactly what they are saying and even what they are doing. Spybubble allows you to activate the target phone’s camera and take pictures of the surroundings.

The information that you gather could help give you peace of mind or allow you to intervene in your kids’ lives at the right time and hence give you greater power to protect them.

Where Can You Order Spybubble Pro

The best place to purchase this Android spy software is directly from the official website. When you go there, you can choose from one of two packages; the standard version or the Pro version.

The Pro version includes all the powerful features of the standard version plus the very powerful live call listening feature. This feature allows you to listen in on calls as they happen.

I would recommend this software to anyone looking to get a hold of hard to get information, especially to parents look to keep track of their teenage children.

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